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Published 30/04/2021

The shape of things to come

A glance at the site and you'll see the shape of things to come with the main pipes installed up to the entrance of the reservoir, the new 300-tonne crawler crane at work installing 34 panels of the pipe tunnel walls and, inside the reservoir, four of the six “wedges” of site concrete installed, showing the full footprint of the 35 million-litre reservoir.

Hydroseeded grass is also growing well around the site along with added millings to exposed surfaces greatly reducing site dust. Noise has also been reduced through installing electric pumps in the settlement ponds and an electric wheel wash ensuring very quiet pond emptying and wheel washing.

Meanwhile, the roof panels for the pipe tunnel have been cast offsite and are due for delivery to the site soon.

What's coming up?

Over the next few months, crews will start fabricating the 60 panels and 45 roof support columns for the reservoir. This work will take place in the reservoir footprint.

The pouring of concrete for one half of the reservoir floor is also coming up at the end of June, a job that crews aim to complete in one day and will involve approximately 140 concrete truck trips and a lot of careful management to limit noise and dust and ensure the community is kept informed and updated to minimise disruption.

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