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Approved products register

This register (APR) lists products that are approved for use on public water supply and drainage infrastructure managed by Wellington Water. 

We are now accepting applications for new products that meet our prioritisation criteria. Applications for this financial year will close on 29 March 2024. Please read below for more information.

Products are generally restricted to pipeline fixtures and fittings that meet the material specifications in the Regional Specifications for Water Services (R.Spec). 

Specialised items, such as pumps, radio transmitters and electrical components, are not included in this list. Prior to design, the designer should confirm the specifications for these specialised items with Wellington Water.

Where a product is not included on the APR, it should be assumed that the product has not been approved and its use would need project-specific approval from Wellington Water. The use of a product that doesn't meet the material specifications for that asset in the R.Spec would need a project-specific dispensation. 

Wellington Water reserves the right to review and withdraw product approval from the APR at any time. 

Approved Products Register - March 2022

Application Prioritisation for Financial Year 2023/24

Wellington Water will only assess a limited number of applications for the APR that meet the factors of prioritisation for this financial year (from now until the end of June 2024). 

Therefore, applications for new products should be limited to product categories likely to be prioritised. Applications for product categories that are not prioritised will be declined for this round of assessments. Incomplete applications will also be rejected.

This financial year, prioritisation of applications will give preference to products that meet the following business needs: 

  • PE full face flange fittings 
  • Cast or ductile iron manifold boxes 
  • Concrete manholes 

The approval process involves the following steps: 

  1. Application and supporting documentation received (note: inappropriate or incomplete applications will be rejected) 
  2. Prioritisation - all applications prioritised once per year 
  3. Non-prioritised product applications declined 
  4. Prioritised product applications assessed and decision made to approve, decline or trial.

To apply to have a product included on the register, please use the Product Approval Application Form (available below). Prior to completing the form, please check that the product meets material specifications for its proposed use, as detailed in the Regional Specifications for Water Services.

Please fill out one form for each product you want approved, and email it to  along with any accompanying technical product information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to update the APR?
Some of the existing products are used more frequently in our networks. If these products are on the APR, they can be used for every relevant installation without requiring special approval each time. Some products also have longer lead times than others; therefore, making it difficult to source them in time for quick installation. By having more approved products on the APR there are more options to reduce difficulties and delays in installation.

When does the new register open for suppliers?
It opened on 1 March 2024 and closes on Friday, 29 March 2024.

What do I need to do to make an application?
Complete the Product Approval Application form. Before you apply, please check the product meets the current Regional Specification for Water Services.

I know there is a backlog, what happens to my previous application?
We will be in touch with suppliers who have outstanding applications to advise them on the next steps. Please note that we are currently only seeking applications for products that meet our revised prioritisation criteria. Wellington Water reserves the right to review and withdraw a product approval from the APR at any time.

How do you determine which products are prioritised?
These assessments are carried out in consultation with other utility operators, infrastructure providers, Wellington Water operators and engineers. Product assessment is based on current operational needs and demand. Products also require certification of manufacture and product performance.

Is it possible my product could be prioritised in the future?
Due to resource constraints, Wellington Water can only assess a limited number of applications for this financial year (2023/24). In future, our capacity to manage applications will be determined by available resources and business needs.

What are the benefits of the new APR process?
The intention is to streamline and improve the current process for suppliers, reducing delays in processing applications. It will also allow for more frequent reviews and ensure the current approved products are still suitable for the network and operations.

Are there any special considerations for approval?
Products not on the APR will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, for project-specific requirements. These types of applications are not related to the new APR application process.

Where can I find out more information?
Please visit our APR webpage.

What happens to my previous application?
Unfortunately, at this stage we are not processing any old applications that are not on the priority list. If your product does become a priority in the future, we will contact you or please visit the APR webpage for more details.