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Supply Map


Water Treatment Plant Icon

Water Treatment Plant

Once the water has been collected from the source it enters a treatment plant, before being distributed into the network and to your home. Click on each water treatment plant to see how much water it has produced in the last 14 days and to learn more about how your water is treated.

Reservoir Icon


The reservoirs shown are the bulk water reservoirs that supply the local water distribution network. Click on each reservoir to see the previous 14 days consumption and a summary of the area it supplies.

Total City Flow Icon

Total City Flow

The total city consumption is the amount of water consumed by all users in each city. Click on each total city consumption to see the previous 14 days consumption.


Water supply map

This map indicates the total water supplied to the network from the water treatment plants through to the reservoirs around the region.

There may be fluctuations in the consumption data, this can be a result of operational maintenance such as planned water outages, or water main bursts. Other factors can include weather (heavy rainfall means less people watering their gardens).

You can learn more about how water is treated by clicking on the treatment plant on the map, or you can visit our drinking water page to learn where your water comes from.

As our cities and population grow we will have to be even more mindful about the amount of water we are using. There are loads of easy ways to use a bit less – and help make a big difference – visit our water conservation page to learn how you use a bit less water all year round.


How is this data calculated?

Treatment plants

The produced volume of the water treatment plants are measured by flow meters at their outlets.


Reservoir consumption is measured by flow meters on the inlets of each reservoir. Please note, some of these reservoirs supply large zones with many households and businesses, while some supply very small zones with few connections.

Total City Consumption

The total city consumption is the amount of water consumed by all users in each city councils' jurisdiction. This is calculated by summing each city's bulk reservoir and network in flow volumes.

Please note, some zones within each city council are supplied directly from the bulk water mains (not via a reservoir). These are not shown on the map but are included in the total city consumption figures.