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Health and Safety Expectations

Wellington Water values and wishes to work with partners who support and demonstrate good health and safety practices in their workplaces.

The health and safety at work Act 2015 (HSWA 2015) sets out that all business and organisations in New Zealand (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)) have a Primary Duty of Care to ensure the health and safety of the workers that they influence or direct when they carry out work for them. This includes contractors that are engaged and others who are exposed to risks in the workplace.

In addition, PCBU's working together on the same work or contract, must consult, cooperate and coordinate their activities to ensure the management of health and safety risks.

To do this we expect our contracted partners to have active health and safety management in place that addresses their individual and overlapping PCBU duties.

By taking a more commitment-based approach, we will work more effectively with our partners to continually improve on good practice and create a culture that puts our worker health and safety at the forefront of everything we do.

It is expected that all Contractors are familiar with and have processes in place to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, subsequent regulations, and other relevant legislation.

Thank you for choosing to work with Wellington Water to provide great three water services to Wellington residents. 

Minimum requirements

  1. Be prequalified and have ConstructSafe. (We can provide ConstructSafe training. Email for more info)
  2. Be aware of and follow our Minimum Standards (documents at the bottom of this page)
  3. Before starting work ensure you/your company has systems in place to:
    a) Identify hazards and manage risks
    b) Involve workers
    c) Implement safe work procedures and practices
    d) Monitoring work practices (includes sub-contractors)
  4. Ensure your people (and sub-contractors) are trained and competent
  5. Consult, cooperate and coordinate (involve your workers, sub-contractors and other stakeholders)
  6. Report incidents and near misses to Wellington Water as soon as possible
  7. Celebrate successes

This is the first step on the journey. By providing this information, it helps us understand your business and how you manage health and safety. We are wanting to work together and share how we manage health and safety and continue to consult, cooperate, and coordinate with you to ensure our collective business can work and go home safe and healthy.

Click here for our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Expectations Guide




Safety in design

Wellington Water is committed to improving the safety performance of the organisation, including its full supply chain and assets it manages. As such, health and safety will be a priority of leadership during all planning and design phases.

Check out our guidance on Health and Safety in Design Process here

The Risk Assessment Register is here 

This process applies where significant changes to plant, substance or structure are planned in maintaining, reinstating, upgrading, decommissioning and other activities involving Wellington Water managed assets and services. As such this procedure applies in any of the following situations:

  • changing work practices, procedures, or the work environment.
  • purchasing new or used equipment or using new substances.
  • planning to improve productivity or reduce costs; and
  • designing and planning significant changes to a plant, substance, or structure.

This is a spreadsheet-style template that contains prompts for assessing common risks, as well as guidance notes, checklists, and references.

Working for the Customer Operations Group

We’ve partnered with Fulton Hogan to help us deliver the operation and maintenance of the three water networks.

If you work for the Customer Operations Group (our partnership with Fulton Hogan) there additional requirements, you will need to meet. Although you will be working for Wellington Water, you will need to sign a contractual agreement with Fulton Hogan and meet their additional requirements. The following information is required:

  • A signed subcontractor agreement
  • HSEQ capability assessment
  • Plant condition report*
  • Public Liability and vehicle insurance certification
  • Training records and proof of competency for high-risk activities, i.e. confined space entries
  • Drug and alcohol policy**
  • Site induction 


Fulton Hogan's H&S Team can assist you with the completion of this assessment.

*Fulton Hogan mechanics will need to check your plant to ensure it meets requirements. This field check is additional to you completing the plant condition sheets. Paul McGuire (telephone 027 447 6825 or 04-568 5092) at the FH Petone office will support these inspections. This can be done either by dropping into the FH depot (by appointment) or for larger amounts of plant (more than 2 trucks/excavators) Paul can arrange for one of his mechanics to visit your site at an agreed time when all the plant can be inspected.

**If you do not have a Drug and Alcohol Policy aligned to Wellington Water’s - we require a drug and alcohol test result for employees that will work under this subcontract that is no more than 3 months old. If you need assistance to organise this, we can help.

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