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Standards and specifications

The Regional Standard for Water Services December 2021 provides a regionally consistent method of design and implementation of stormwater, wastewater, and water supply services to meet the outcomes of: safe and healthy water, respectful of the environment and resilient networks support our economy.

The document provides minimum standards for the design and construction of proposed three waters infrastructure that will be vested in council, and to the maintenance, renewal, upgrade or decommissioning of existing public infrastructure.

The Regional Standard for Water Services (RSWS) is to be used in conjunction with the Regional Specification for Water Services - December 2021, which contains the minimum technical specifications for the materials, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of the stormwater, wastewater and water supply networks. 

We encourage all developments where older versions are referenced to meet the most recent version where possible. This is because the most recent versions provide requirements closer aligned with current best practice. Please send any enquires to

Approved products register 

Specialised items, such as pumps, radio transmitters and electrical components, are not included in this list. Prior to design, the designer should confirm the specifications for these specialised items with Wellington Water.

Where a product is not included on the APR, it should be assumed that the product has not been approved and its use would need project-specific approval from Wellington Water. 

For information about whether the product meets material specifications for its proposed use and applying to include products on the register, please check our Approved products register webpage.


Revising and reviewing regional standards and specifications

The Regional Standard for Water Services and Regional Specification for Water Services are revised on a regular basis to respond to changes in policy, best practice, technology, referenced standards and legislation.

Revisions to the previous version of the Regional Standard and the Regional Specification can be viewed in the following documents:

track/ underline Regional Standard for Water Services December 2021 Version 3.0

track/ underline Regional Specification for Water Services December 2021 Version 3.0

The most significant revisions focus on the following matters:

  • Reformatting - the documents use numbered and multi-level paragraphs
  • Seismic resilience - requirements address all three waters
  • Building over or near public pipelines – new requirements and specifications
  • Hydrological design – a revised method for assessing hydrology
  • Stormwater level of service and mitigation - requirements are now consistent
  • Stormwater intake structure – revised design standards
  • Pumping stations – clearer provisions for wastewater and water supply pump stations
  • Manhole safety grilles – new requirements to prevent falls
  • Excavation – revised specifications
  • Drawings - now included in the R.Spec, including new drawings for backflow prevention and water supply assets.

All changes are recorded in the following document:

Summary of Information Table: Revision of Regional Standard and Specification -Version 3.0

You can view a summary of feedback on draft versions and responses :

Response to feedback on the Draft RSWS and Draft R.Spec  

Future revisions:

We are happy to receive requests for revisions at any time:

Email to:
Post to: Wellington Water Limited, Private Bag 39-804, Wellington Mail Centre 5045, Lower Hutt, c/- Standards

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