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Report an issue

Please contact your local council in the first instance to report any issues with your drinking water, wastewater or stormwater.

Wellington City Council

04 499 4444

Online form

Upper Hutt City Council

04 527 2169

Online form

South Wairarapa District Council

06 306 9611

Online form

Porirua City Council

04 237 5089

Online form

Hutt City Council

04 570 6666

Online form

Your Customer Journey

We work with our client councils to manage and deliver the three water services around the region.

Most of the work we do involves us directly interacting with you, our customer.

Whilst you experience the 'front-end ' of this interaction, a lot is going on 'behind-the-scenes' between your local council, Wellington Water and our contractors, to carry-out this work. So, we wanted to show you the process.

This is your customer journey, and it outlines what you can expect when you interact with your local council, Wellington Water, or a contractor.

customer enquiry

Customer Enquiry

Call your local council for service issues - leaks, outages etc.


Council  - Create enquiry (log in system)

Wellington Water Job - Create job (call ticket) from the enquiry (or number of enquiries). Categorise job and allocate case manager

Council - passes job on to contractor (to complete on their behalf), Citycare

customer updates

Customer Updates

Wellington Water (or contractor) assesses job requirements. You will then be contacted for an update (face-to-face, call, letter).



  • identify issue(s)
  • complexity
  • expected timeframe
  • answer questions
manage customer enquiry

Manage Customer Enquiry

We’ll keep in touch while work is going on


Wellington Water (or contractor on their behalf) - begins job repair. Any variations/updates required during the job are provided to you (repeat from step two). Completes job


  • Understand complaint and its cause

  • Council records the details in system

  • Escalate complaint

  • Contact and discuss with you

  • Identify next steps

  • Update call ticket in the system

close customer enquiry v2

Close Customer Enquiry

If you request a call-back we’ll check in with you upon job completion


Council - close call ticket in the system. We’ll ask you for feedback to help with future service planning

manage customer enquiry


Help us with future service planning


Your feedback helps us improve customer service and planning for the future

We report on the system data from the job, and any feedback that was given on completion of the job

  • analyses data

  • prepares key insights



  • used to highlight trends to be aware of to help determine future service provision (i.e. increased bursts in a region may mean there needs to be a main upgrade)

  • are analysed to help improve future customer service