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The way we work

The value of water sits at our organisational heart. Every day our people come to work and strive to deliver services and manage infrastructure in a way that provides the best outcomes for our communities and our environment.

Our values

Tangata tiaki 

Together we protect our most precious taonga


United we support, connect with and respect each other


We recognise, respect, and value the mana of others and seek to build mana-enhancing relationships

Our outcomes

Safe and healthy water - we provide water services, to ensure safe drinking water and will work to eliminate the harmful effects of wastewater and stormwater over time.

Respectful of the environment - when we provide water services, we seek to avoid harm to the natural and built environment and over time, enhance it for the benefit of future generations.

Resilient networks support the economy - we provide reliable day-to-day water services, that are able to withstand shock and stresses, and future proof the network to enable a strong regional economy and enhanced natural environment.