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Published 20/01/2021

New Year update

Since December, we have been working hard, completing the water pipes across the upper field and continuing with the main excavation activity for the reservoir - now more than three quarters (75%) complete!

We have also completed the cut for the pipe tunnel to the reservoir site and moved more material to the stockpile on the lower field - as at 18 January, 27,870m³, representing 77% of the total. Hydroseed has also been applied to the sides of the stockpile and the grass that has germinated will help with managing dust and runoff and will stabilise the stockpile. We will add extra seed as we complete the stockpile.

And we have set up five “Goodnature” traps on site, to date trapping five pest animals.

What's happening next?

The main excavation for the reservoir will continue, along with installing pipes between the upper field and reservoir on the bank between the Pohutakawa, followed by pipe testing. And we will build a precast fabrication yard for our concrete structures.

A 300-tonne crawler crane will be delivered in late February that will be used to install the reservoir walls etc. We will also be fabricating and installing the walls for the pipe tunnel and constructing the structure. Meanwhile, we will continuate to run our Hydremas (dump trucks) within the site to transport excavated rock and finish the remainder of the stockpile on the lower field by the end of January. And we will start the transportation of rock material off-site, which will be considerably less than originally planned.

Most of the team will be taking advantage of the long Wellington Anniversary weekend to have a break. So we will only have a small team on site on Saturday 23 January and will not be working on Waitangi Day. Except for necessary environmental protection work, we will not be working on the following dates:

Monday 25 January, Saturday 6 and Monday 8 February

Monthly Public Site Visits

We will be holding monthly site viewing for anyone who would like to attend. These will be on the second Saturday of each month from 9:45am to 10:45am, with the first on Saturday 13 February. Please enter the site through Hargreaves street, where one of the team will meet you.

Media Enquiries

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Phone number: 021 302 259