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Published 18/02/2022

Roofing the reservoir

Scaffolding to support the reservoir roof works for the first pour is now up and we've started the formwork for what will be the first half of the roof pour.

However, we have had to delay the overnight pour that was scheduled to start on 17 March due to several factors:

  • The tragic event of Wednesday 9 March where a worker lost his life as a result of an injury on site 
  • A few of our team are currently self-isolating due to Covid, and our team numbers are currently reduced
  • The unknown effects of Covid on the sub-contractors required to complete preparation work and for the actual pour

We will advise a new date as soon as possible. The second pour will follow about eight weeks later. 

Meanwhile we've started stormwater work in Rolleston Street as well as the connection to the pipework from Bell Road to the reservoir and placed the walls at the entrance to the pipe tunnel.

And, we've demobilised the 180-tonne crane ready for removal from the site.

Coming up:

Over the next weeks and months alongside the roof pour, we'll be getting with:

  • Pouring the top and bottom ring beams of the reservoir
  • Back filling around the pipe tunnel and the reservoir using the stockpile on the lower field
  • Starting to install the mechanical and electrical components into the pipe tunnel
  • Creating a track on the western side of the reservoir, to allow access for the concrete pump for the roof pour
  • Commissioning the reservoir in the second half of the year

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