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Published 7/07/2021

Ready for the big pour

Over the last month, the team has largely completed the back-fill of the pipe tunnel and poured a bit more of the site concrete for the reservoir base. A crew on site have also manufactured 12 out of 54 of the 30 tonne precast wall panels for the reservoir.

The team will start putting these walls in place following the big pour of concrete for the first half of the reservoir floor scheduled for Wednesday 14th July, with a reserve date of Wednesday 21st July

It'll be a big day with the first concrete truck arriving at 3am. The early start means we can complete the pour in one day and finish the levelling work during daylight hours. Trucks will continue deliveries to site during the day with the last truck arriving at approximately 3pm. Traffic management will be in place to ensure things flow smoothly.

A team will remain on site overnight to make sure the concrete remains damp and keep a general watch over this critical piece of the reservoir. The next day post tension “stressing” of the concrete will commence and then the concrete will be left to cure for seven days.

The second half of the floor will be poured late August or early September.

Coming up over the next few months teams will continue manufacturing and placing wall panels for the reservoir, complete the second half of the pipe tunnel and a range of other tasks including some buffer planting - and complete planning for pouring the roof of the reservoir, planned to take place in early 2022.

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