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Published 9/12/2021

Meri Kirihiemte

We have also now landed 27 of the concrete pillars and poured a total of 27 column plinths. 

With work progressing we have now been able to remove the track to the pipe tunnel and started erecting the scaffolding for the roof works.

In other areas, we've installed an extension to the culvert in Waitangi stream and started work on the storm water upgrade at the top of Rolleston Street.

Over the next weeks and months, as well as completing landing of the reservoir walls so it's fully enclosed prior to Christmas, we'll be continuing to manufacture the walls for the entrance to the pipe tunnel and will get things underway for pouring the roof of the reservoir. As part of this we'll be creating a track on the western side of the reservoir to allow access for the concrete pump for the roof pour.

Planning the roof pour continues, our timing for the first pour is currently scheduled for February 2022, with the second pour following in May 2022. We'll provide further detail once we have dates confirmed.

Meanwhile we'll also be starting work to connect our pipes to those from the Bell Road reservoir, which will mean we will be working close to the public path at the top of Rolleston Street. And we'll complete the remaining part of the roof and walls of the pipe tunnel. 

Early in the new year we will be de-mobilising our 180-tonne crane early in the new year.

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