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Hutt Valley Regional Pressure Management Project

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On behalf of the Hutt City and Upper Hutt City councils, we are working to manage pressure in the regional drinking water network to improve performance and water efficiency.

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If you have any questions about this work, please contact:

Wellington Water, 04 912 4400

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4 June 2024

We successfully completed pressure management testing in the Eastern Hills area - Rata and Sunville, on May 29.
We thank you for your patience, these works will help inform future network upgrades and long-term operations in the area and provide valuable insights into the network’s long-term resilience.

Wellington Water recently completed the installation of pressure loggers at fire hydrant locations across Lower Hutt.  

During May, pressure reducing valves have also been installed to support management of the Wise  Street water pipe in Wainuiomata.

Wellington Road:

  • Pressure Reducing Chambers installed in Wellington Road with 2 cut ins completed out of the 4.
  • Rider main across the road is getting installed.
  • Asphalt reinstatement is getting done for one side of the road.
  • We will switch the Traffic Management set up from West to east next week.
  • During June a rider main will be installed across the road and complete the remaining 2 cut ins.

Wise street:

Chambers and pipework are all installed with our main shutdown planned for the week of 3 June. Followed by backfilling, commissioning and reinstatement works.

Gemstone drive:

Investigations set to start in June. 

Hine and Main Road:

We have completed investigations and expect works to start in July 2024.


The work involves installing pressure management systems at key locations in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt cities.

This will allow us to gradually minimise the excess pressure in the network, reducing the risk of pipe bursts and leakage and making the water service more reliable and efficient - without adversely affecting customers' water pressure.

The project will deliver significant water loss savings and is a key pillar of Wellington Water’s approach to managing the regional acute water shortage. Pressure management also has the additional benefit of lowering the risk of new leaks and pipe failures where the pressure reduction has taken place.

Pressure Management

One of the ways Wellington Water can reduce water loss is to reduce pipe network pressures in areas that currently have high water pressure. Pressure Management is usually done by installing pressure reducing valves to locally reduce the pressure within certain areas of the network. Reduced network pressures have several benefits including:

  1. Reducing the volume of water lost through leaks in pipes.
  2. Extending the asset life of the pipes
  3. Reducing the number of pipe burst occurring.

Pressure Management is widely used internationally and throughout New Zealand. The scope of the project involves establishing new Hutt City Council pressure management zones, based on predicted Water loss savings.

The consultant and contractor project team are Connect Water (WSP Ltd) and Fulton Hogan Ltd, respectively.

All Updates

4 June 2024