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Petone Collecting Sewer upgrade

Current status

We are upgrading the 3.3 km Petone Collecting Sewer on behalf of Hutt City Council to improve resilience and reduce the risk of overflows.

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If you have any questions about this work, please contact:

Wellington Water, 04 912 4400

We will shortly be undertaking investigations to provide more information about the current state of sections of the sewer pipe and inform our planning.  The information we gather could help minimise the need for extensive construction works, in the immediate future, along the Esplanade and Petone foreshore.

Investigations will include core sampling, pressure monitoring, wastewater sampling and ultrasonic testing at a number of points along the 3.3 km pipe.

Wellington Water on behalf of Upper Hutt and Hutt City Council is working across the Hutt wastewater network to improve resilience and reduce the risk of overflows to the environment

A key part of this work is upgrading and renewing the Petone Collecting Sewer which collects wastewater from businesses and households and delivers it to the treatment plant at Seaview.  The Petone Collecting Sewer is a 3.3km main starting at the Esplanade West Pump Station along The Esplanade to the Main Collecting Sewer at the Hutt Park/ Randwick Road Roundabout. This pipe is aging and we are planning to replace it in stages, depending on investigation results.

We are looking at how we can minimise disruption from this major work along a main thoroughfare.  We’re currently proposing to use an existing, abandoned watermain as a “sleeve”, which will reduce the impact of the work on travellers and the environment.