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Projects / Omāroro Water Reservoir / Site set up progresses

Published 30/10/2020

Site set up progresses

Vegetation clearance has also been completed and the site fully fenced. As part of this process, 27 lizards have been relocated to their new homes in the hotels.

Other key areas of work have included completion of the upper field sediment pond to capture any runoff from the site, setting up the site compound on the upper field and creation of silt fences to protect Papawai and Waitangi streams.

Over the the next few weeks, the crews will be focusing on: 

  • Working on the new wastewater pipe along Salisbury Terrace, this should be completed by late October. Please note access to Salisbury Terrace alongside of the park is unavailable until this work is completed
  • Setting up of the sediment pond on the lower field
  • Completion of the access track between the two playing fields
  • Working on the access tracks to the top of the site to enable excavation to start. This work will entail the use of a vibrating roller occasionally
  • Completion of site perimeter fencing
  • Starting excavation of the reservoir, with excavated rock stockpiled on the lower field.

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