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Leaks by the Numbers

Wellington Water, on behalf of our council owners, has dedicated teams out finding and fixing leaks every day. But there are a lot of leaks out there and due to the current resources available to us, we simply can’t fix them all.

The older the pipes, the more likely it is that leaks will occur – some pipes are over 100 years old. This is a result of historical underinvestment in water infrastructure.

We must prioritise where crews go to make the best use of our resources and focus on fixing the biggest leaks that have the most impact on water supply. Find out how we prioritise leaks.

We want to ensure the work our dedicated leak detection and fixing crews are doing every day is evident to the region’s water consumers.

Addressing Leaks - Progress Update*

*The data provided is based on the best information available at the time of the assessment. As more information is collected through the close out process for each job it may change the numbers presented slightly as greater confidence is achieved.

View our Weekly Leak Progress Report


We understand it’s frustrating having water restrictions in place given the situation with leaks in the region. We’re doing our best to get on top of water leaks – in the meantime water restrictions help conserve our water supply over the summer months. Learn more about water restrictions and why we need them in the Wellington region.