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Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

At the Moa Point Treatment Plant, sewage travels through a series of screens, tanks, bioreactors, clarifiers and ultraviolet treatments before being discharged as liquid into Cook Strait.

It was granted new consents on 11 May 2009. These consents will continue for 25 years (expire 11 May 2034).

In general, the consents allow WCC:

  • to continuously discharge up to 260,000 cubic meters per day of treated and disinfected wastewater into the coastal marine area via an existing submarine outfall,
  • to discharge up to 4500 litres per second of mixed disinfected, treated and milli-screened wastewater to the coastal marine area during and/or immediately after heavy rainfall, when the quantity of wastewater arriving at the Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant exceeds 3000 litres per second,
  • to occupy the foreshore and seabed of the coastal marine area with an existing submarine outfall pipeline,
  • to continuously discharge contaminants (including odour) to air from the Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant ventilation system.

Resource consents

Resource consent reports

Plant performance

Current Status:
Period: October 2023


The plant remains non-compliant for suspended solids (90-day, 90th percentile limit) since 20 September. The plants current trends project it to be compliant by the end of November.


No unconsented discharges in October.

Please Explain letter issued: 

Explanations were provided to GWRC for the two short outfall discharges in late September and for the plants’ non-compliance with effluent quality. 


No odour complaints in October.

Items of significance:

Inlet Pump Station (IPS)

The first phase physical works to replace the IPS pipework are nearing completion. The projected completion date is now the end of November due to recent spells of poor weather. This work will improve pumping capacity at the IPS to reduce the risk of untreated wastewater discharges via the short outfall during high inflows.

Effluent Compliance 

Investigation into effluent non-compliance continues along with development of an action plan to bring the plant back into compliance as quickly as possible.