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Featherston Wastewater treatment plant

At the Featherston Wastewater Treatment plant, sewage flows through a facultative pond, a maturation pond, and ultraviolet treatment. Discharge of the treated effluent is managed to Donald’s Creek depending on the conditions of the Resource Consents.

The plant was granted new consents on 25 August 2009 with a variation granted on 12 November 2010. These consents expired on 25 August 2012. The plant is currently operating under this expired consent. An application for new consents is on-going.

In general, the consent allows SWDC:

  • to discharge treated wastewater to Donald’s creek at up to 9,000 cubic meters per day in dry weather and up to 12,000 cubic meters per day in wet weather.
  • to discharge odours and other contaminants from the treatment process within the boundary.

Resource consents

Plant performance

Current Status: Compliant, but with the risks mentioned below

Period: March 2024



Major investment is required to achieve a new consent. 

Renewal of the consent is being managed as a major project, and we are operating on an extension of the old consent.

The consent approval process currently underway will better inform the required capacity of the WWTP to cater for growth in Featherston beyond 2032.

Items of significance:

Plant continues to require ongoing management of resources, focused on effluent quality, to achieve compliance with consent requirements.

A new pump station in the network is operating. Safety fencing around the ponds has been installed. 

A new inlet flow meter is being procured, with a trial underway to prove the solution prior to full installation.

A Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) treatment process trial is underway at the site.