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Lake Ferry Wastewater Treatment

At Lake Ferry the wastewater treatment system consists of on-lot septic tanks with effluent filters and a community wastewater treatment plant. At the treatment plant, septic tank effluent flows through a packed bed reactor, a recirculation tank and ultraviolet treatment. Discharge of the treated effluent is managed to either an adjacent block of land by irrigation or to a constructed wetland, depending on the conditions of the Resource Consents.

The plant was granted new consents on 17 June 2005. A change of conditions was granted on 10 January 2011.  These consents will expire on 30 September 2025.

In general, the consents allow SWDC:

  • to discharge treated wastewater to land via an irrigation system at up to a maximum daily flow rate of 200 cubic meters per day and a maximum weekly flow rate of 700 cubic meters per week.
  • to discharge treated wastewater to land at a maximum application rate of 3.0mm/day or up to the field capacity.
  • to discharge treated wastewater to water (wetland) when the field capacity of the irrigation field has been exceeded or when a discharge is required for emergency or maintenance purposes.
  • to discharge contaminants and odours from the collection, treatment and discharge facilities within the site boundary.

Resource Consents

Plant Performance





Current Status: Compliant, but with risks identified below. 

Period: February 2024


Further investment is required to achieve this management plan and consent compliance into the future. 

Stantec has been commissioned to prepare and develop a new resource consent application by 30 March 2025. 

Decisions around growth and development of additional treatment & disposal capacity will coincide with the resource consent renewal process.

The annual consent Compliance Summary from GWRC was received by WWL on the 21 Jan. The report summarises  overall compliance as being "Fair". 

Items of significance:

Compliance for 22-23 year graded by GWRC as Fair. Two of the consents had "low risk" non-compliance, and one consent had "moderate risk" non-compliance. 

Source of current high inflow and infiltration is still not funded for investigation. Peak loads are near the plant's hydraulic capacity. 

Septic Tanks cleanouts, filter cleaning, and condition assessment are required but is not funded. 

Plant valving automation is required to better comply with consent discharge requirements; however it is not funded either.

Projects underway:

  • Installing new comms/control system. 
  • Outflow flowmeters renewal