Over the last few years, both Upper Hutt City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council have worked together on The Floodplain Management Plan. The Plan’s vision is for a prosperous and safe community that proactively manages the risk of flooding. Delivering this vision involves a structural improvements project and planning controls through the Upper Hutt District Plan.

The project works will be focused on key flooding areas around Blue Mountains Road, Sunbrae Drive, Whitemans Road, Pinehaven Road, Birch Grove, Pinehaven Reserve, and Chichester Drive, Upper Hutt.

By making the stream wider and deeper, the goal is to provide capacity in the stream for a 1 in 25-year return period flood event. So, property owners can expect the capacity of the stream to be five times greater than now.


Managing flooding risk for our community

channel2 bridge retaining house2
915 metres of channel  14 domestic bridges, 2 road bridges 321 metres of retaining wall  Reinstatement of landscaping in approximately 41 private properties


There will be significant improvements in flood protection for over 50 vulnerable properties and improvements for 179 properties affected by secondary stormwater flow paths. To achieve this, the open channel will need to be widened and deepened, there will be some roading changes, new retaining structures, new residential access bridges and quite a lot of reinstatement of private property.