FAQ / The wastewater network

The wastewater network

Our wastewater network transports wastewater from inside and outside your house via a gully trap and lateral pipes on your property that connect to service branch lines which join the reticulation mains. These carry the wastewater into the largest pipe, the trunk sewers. These are huge pipes - big enough to walk through.

The gully trap and laterals within your property boundary are your responsibility, if there are any blockages or damage to these pipes it is your responsibility to get them repaired by a plumber.

At certain points along the wastewater network there are maintenance chambers/man-holes. Network operators use these as access points to make quick repairs. There are also pump stations at points in the network where wastewater needs to be pumped up a hill, or into the trunk sewer.

The wastewater network leads to the one of Wellington's four Treatment Plants and eventually is discharged to sea.


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