Wellington Water is currently reviewing and revising the Regional Standard and Specification. We anticipate releasing draft versions for feedback in January/February 2021.

Water supply shutdowns

Please see below links to Q-pulse documents for water supply shutdowns   Read more

Regional Standard and Specification

These documents were developed to consolidate the existing codes of practice for water services for Porirua City, Hutt City, Upper Hutt City and Wellington City in order to provide a regionally consistent method of design and implementation of water services across the Wellington region.   Read more

Approved Products Register

The Approved Products Register lists products that are approved for use in Hutt, Upper Hutt, Wellington, and Porirua cities’ water supply and drainage infrastructure projects.   Read more

Water Sensitive Design

Download the Water Sensitive Design for Stormwater: Treatment Device Design Guideline.   Read more

Approved Solutions for Hydraulic Neutrality

Download Managing Stormwater Runoff: The use of approved solutions for hydraulic neutrality   Read more

Reference Guide for Storm Hydrology

Download the Reference Guide for Storm Hydrology.   Read more

Reviewing and revising the Regional Standard and Specification

Regular revisions to the Regional Standard for Water Services (RSWS) and Regional Specification for Water Services (R.Spec) are needed to respond to shifts of policy, best practice, referenced standards and legislation.   Read more