Technical Information

Wellington Water is currently reviewing and revising the Regional Standard and Specification. We anticipate releasing draft versions for feedback in January/February 2021.   Read more


We want to work closely with our suppliers for improved health and safety, procurement and customer service outcomes. We hold quarterly meetings with our suppliers.   Read more

Wellington Water tendering documents

Wellington Water's tendering documents have been developed to consolidate the various versions of tender documents previously used across our five client councils into one regional form. We have updated our standard conditions of contract document from NZS3910: 2003 to NZS3910: 2013 and have introduced Wellington Water as Principal to Contract to provide a common form of contract for non-minor drainage and water works across the region.   Read more

Innovation at Wellington Water

We’re looking for creative and innovative approaches to deal with existing issues and problems. This could be improvements to systems and processes or introducing new technologies – we’re open to all kinds of ideas as long as they contribute to enhancing the three waters services we provide.   Read more