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Published 29/07/2022

Wellington Water to start testing new fluoride facilities

Over the next two weeks, Wellington Water will start testing the new fluoride facilities, which have been built at the Te Mārua and Gear Island Water Treatment Plants, before bringing the facilities into full service.

“This milestone brings us one step closer to getting fluoride back in the drinking water for residents in Upper Hutt, Porirua, Wellington City, Stokes Valley, and Manor Park,” says the Chair of Wellington Water, Lynda Carroll.

“I’m pleased to say that the team has made good progress and we remain on track to have the new fluoride facilities fully operational in September.”

“The Wellington Water Committee and its members have been working closely with Wellington Water over these past few months to ensure resuming fluoridation had the organisation’s full attention,” says Wellington Water Committee Chair, Campbell Barry.

“Once the two new fluoride facilities are up and running, residents can be assured that they will be receiving fluoride in their drinking water again at levels that will deliver oral health benefits,” says Campbell.

Once testing has started, fluoride levels will be steadily brought up to the Ministry of Health target range during August. Once we’ve reliably reached the target, we will let the public know. However, during testing the fluoride facilities may also be turned on and off to allow us to fine tune and make adjustments as required. This is standard procedure for new treatment facilities.

We will continue to provide the public with weekly updates on the progress of the work to restore fluoride.

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