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Published 18/05/2023

Wellington Water and technology partner win global prestigious award

Wellington Water and technology partner ABB are delighted to have won a globally prestigious water industry award – the ‘Smart Water Project of the Year’ in Berlin Germany.

This award is recognition of a very successful collaboration with ABB says Tim Harty, Head of Operations and Engineering at Wellington Water.

Wellington Water approached trusted partner ABB last year seeking cost effective solutions to help maintain the condition and lifespan of approximately 380 council-owned pump stations.

“ABB technicians developed new software technology which will enable us to optimise the performance, resilience, and efficiency of the pump stations we manage throughout the Wellington region.

“This has had already significant operational cost benefits where it’s been trialled, and we’ve reduced our carbon footprint and power consumption on average by 10%. The wastewater pump stations are also seeing reduced pump blockages, and this helps the design life of the pumps,” says Tim.

The Wellington region has ageing water infrastructure, the legacy of underinvestment for many decades. In addition, population growth and climate change are placing considerable stress on pump stations and a sprawling network of pipes.

New software technology developed by ABB allows for optimal pump flow and pressure. This minimises the risk of pumps breaking down and keeps them operating at a consistent speed and frequency to suit demand.

“We’re not a big water utility with lots of resources, so we’re having to think out of the square and be innovative to ensure that every drop of water is accounted for and utilised accordingly to meet the required level of customer service.

“This software measures and monitors pump station performance through a custom-made programme that can evaluate scenarios and provide real time solutions, meaning we can maintain capacity and resources for our client councils across the wider network,” says Tim.

Amina Hamidi, Managing Director, ABB Instrumentation says, “If there’s a ‘Water Oscar’ out there, this is it, and we just won it. This is an incredible recognition, innovation is at the core of everything we do, and the Global Water Summit is one of the most important gatherings within the international water industry. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication that the ABB team demonstrates in helping the industry supply safe and healthy drinking water to communities around the globe.”

Wellington Water Chief Executive [acting] Tonia Haskell said she felt immense pride in Wellington Water being associated with ground-breaking innovation that will benefit water utilities throughout the world.

“We’re all thrilled at the outcome; it’s great for Wellington Water to be recognised on the global stage amongst our water industry peers for water intelligence management. ABB are our trusted partners and the technology they have created will help us maintain and optimise critical water infrastructure, which serves our communities and protects the environment.”

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