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Published 16/12/2016

Wainuiomata Reservoir stronger and safer than ever

The water supply network in Wainuiomata is now more resilient with the recent completion of seismic strengthening of the main Wainuiomata reservoir.

The Konini Reservoir is one of two reservoirs in Wainuiomata. It was built in 1959 and supplies water to around 17,000 Wainuiomata residents (two-thirds of the Wainuiomata residents). It holds 5.1 million litres of water.

A recent review found that it needed to be strengthened so that it could still operate after a strong earthquake. A new beam was fitted to tie the walls and floor together and a new floor and roof installed.

Tristan Reynard, Wellington Water Project Manager, says “The November earthquake was a timely reminder of why this work is so important. The Konini Reservoir came through the earthquake and aftershocks with no damage. We’re confident that it will do the same in future earthquakes. ”

“One of the perks of this job is being one of a few people able to see inside water infrastructure. The new roof of this reservoir made the inside look quite striking – it’s a pity that more people didn’t get to see inside it!” said Tristan.

The strengthening work started in June 2016 and the reservoir was back in service in December 2016. It cost $1.5 million and the reservoir is now expected to last another 50 years.

Wellington Water staff and contractors inspect the inside of the Konini Reservoir

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