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Published 20/02/2018

New wastewater pipeline for Waterloo Quay

We are working continually to improve Wellington’s water, wastewater and stormwater networks, to ensure they provide enough capacity, protect the environment from contamination, and are more resilient in the event of earthquakes or other disasters.

Wellington Water, on behalf of Wellington City Council is set to start construction work on Waterloo Quay and Aotea Quay to replace and upgrade a section of the wastewater main. The project is a part of Wellington Water’s wider efforts across the city to deliver a wastewater network that can service Wellington’s growing population, and is more resilient in the event of earthquakes and other disasters.

We are starting work on site on February 26, and expect it to take eight weeks to complete.

“The installation of this new piece of infrastructure will ensure the safe collection and delivery of wastewater to the treatment plant” Senior Project Manager, Nistar Idris said.

“As a part of this, we are about to start work to replace a section of wastewater main on Waterloo Quay, near Westpac Stadium. The replacement pipe will be larger, ensuring it can handle future growth in demand, and will be less susceptible to damage caused by earthquakes.” Mr Idris said.

While the new pipe is installed, there will be temporary changes to the road layout on Waterloo Quay and Aotea Quay, to enable access to the existing pipe and ensure Wellington Water’s contractors can work safely.

Waterloo Quay will be reduced from four lanes to three where work is taking place. The three open lanes will be alternated to ensure two lanes are open in the predominant direction of travel at peak times. This means there will be two lanes open southbound (citybound) during the morning peak, with one lane northbound, switching to two lanes northbound and one lane southbound in the evening. Speed restrictions will also be in place.

“Unfortunately, these traffic changes may lead to some minor delays.” Mr Idris said. “We always work to avoid and minimise disruption as much as possible, but we acknowledge that works like these can inconvenience motorists, so we apologise in advance. We encourage road users to consider using an alternative route if they can.”

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