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Published 8/12/2023

Media response on Wellington City Council Fieldforce4 report


Following the article on The Post about Wellington City Council's report into Wellington Water, can comments please be provided to the following questions: 

  • What was the draft review for?

  • Has the draft review shown that there are a lack of clearly defined reporting and performance measures for contractors in Wellington city?

  • What has the draft report shown in terms of cost increases for the council? 

  • What issues did it show about customer calls?

  • What else has it shown?

  • What company did the report?

  • When is it expected to be finalised?



We can confirm that we have received a draft copy of the report from FieldForce4.

We are working through the draft findings and recommendations of the report with WCC. We have provided WCC with our feedback. So, it’s not appropriate for us to comment on the report while it is in draft. We have six shareholding councils, so any changes to the way we deliver services will need to be discussed by all our shareholders.   

In the meantime, we are focused on supporting the region to get through what could be a tricky summer, finding and fixing as many leaks as we can, and providing our councils with their long-term planning advice.

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