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Published 1/07/2021

Media release: Conserve water notice lifted in Featherston and Greytown

Wellington Water have now lifted the water conservation notice for Featherston and Greytown.

On the evening of Sunday 27 June, Wellington Water asked the people of Featherston and Greytown to conserve water in order to help in preventing any interruption to supply due to bad weather.

Bad weather, like the weather the region had experienced earlier this week, can cause cloudy or hazy bore water. Cloudy water doesn’t respond as well to our treatment processes, meaning we have limited supply capacity.

“We are thankful to the community for their efforts over the past few days in conserving water. We are at a stage now that our drinking water treatment processes are now stable, the water is running clear and the reservoirs are at normal levels, and moderate weather conditions are forecast for the foreseeable future” says Laurence Edwards, Chief Advisor Drinking Water, Wellington Water. “Thank you to the residents of Featherston and Greytown.”

In such heavy rainfall or unusual weather it is important that we continue to be mindful of the water that we use to help the system keep up with demand.

Wellington Water and South Wairarapa District Council have a project underway to increase the treated water storage at the treatment plant which will increase available water significantly. This will allow us to manage high demand events for an extended period regardless of river conditions.

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