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Published 18/11/2022

Fluoride inquiry concluded

Fluoride inquiry concluded

The Board of Wellington Water has formally closed out the inquiry into the cessation of fluoride dosing at the Gear Island and Te Mārua water treatment plants last year.

“The Board initiated the inquiry to understand how this happened, learn from it and obtain recommendations on how the company could perform to a high standard in the future,” Board Chair Lynda Carroll says.

“The Board accepted all the inquiry’s recommendations in July this year and at our meeting this week, we concluded the Board’s objectives have been met and the inquiry recommendations have been successfully implemented.

“We have worked hard at all levels through the company to put the situation right and the Board believes we have built a more effective, transparent and focused organisation as a result. 

“There is now a relentless focus within the company on our fluoridation responsibilities, which was the principal recommendation from the inquiry.

“Standalone fluoride facilities have been built and installed at both plants which are consistently fluoridating the water within the Ministry of Health target range.” Lynda says. “The management team has addressed all the organisational and operational recommendations and they are in operation now.

“As a business, we’ve collectively owned and apologised for the company’s failings. The Board believes that what was found, what we’ve learned and how we’re now operating gives the councils that own us and fund our operations, and consumers assurance that our work is being delivered effectively.


Details of the fluoride inquiry are here

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