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Published 21/07/2022

Boil water notice - Pirinoa

Boil Water Notice - Pirinoa

UPDATE: 25/7/22

The precautionary boil water notice for the Pirinoa community has now been lifted, following the completion of water quality tests. The Pirinoa Water Treatment Plant is operating correctly, and the flooding has receded on site.

UPDATE 22/7/22 

The precautionary boil water notice remains for local residents in Pirinoa. We will provide a further update once water quality sampling confirms it’s safe to lift the boil water notice, which we expect to be in around 3 days time.
To help out, we’re delivering bottled water to local residents at around lunchtime today.
The Pirinoa Water Treatment plant is functioning, which means local residents no longer need to make a proactive effort to conserve water.


All drinking water in Pirinoa must be boiled before drinking or using for food preparation or dental hygiene.

The Pirinoa Water Treatement plant area has flooded. Because we are unable to determine the potential impact of the raw water quality on treatment we are issuing a cautionary boil water notice.

We are also asking residents to please conserve water. 

Babies, young children, the elderly and people who have compromised immune systems are more at risk of illness. If you get diarrhoea, vomiting and/or a fever contact Healthline (0800 611 116) or your doctor.

How to boil water for drinking:

Boiling will kill all disease-causing organisms.

  • Bring water to a rolling boil (where bubbles appear in the centre and do not disappear when the water is stirred) for one minute
  • Cool water (do not use ice cubes to do this) and pour into clean container with a lid
  • Refrigerate until needed

This boil water notice is in effect from 21 July, 3:30pm until further notice. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

For more information contact South Wairarapa District Council on 06 306 9611, or visit

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