Water is a natural treasure and a precious resource, so its important that we look out for it - especially in the summer months when its warmer and drier. By being mindful of our water use, we can help ease pressure on the water network and look after the environment.

Water saving tips inside the home

It's easy to start saving water around the house. Check out our water saving tips to be smarter with your water.   Read more

Water saving tips outside the home

Whether you’re tidying-up around your section, cleaning the car or watering the garden, there are loads of easy ways to use a bit less water.   Read more

Residential water restrictions

In the warmer and drier summer months we need to look out for our water. To find out what water restriction level you are in, click read more.   Read more

Setting up a rainwater tank

Diverting rainwater from your downpipe to a storage tank is a great way to reduce your use of treated water, especially for gardening or outdoor cleaning. It can also increase your options in the event of as water supply emergency.   Read more