How is it treated?

Once the water has been collected at the intakes from the rivers, or is drawn from the aquifer, it enters a treatment plant.

There are four treatment plants around the metropolitan Wellington region, owned by Greater Wellington Regional Council and four treatment plants in South Wairarapa, owned by South Wairarapa District Council. 

Learn more about the treatment plants in Wellington and South Wairarapa on the pages below.

Once the water has gone through the treatment process it is distributed along the drinking water network.

Group Tours

Wellington Water hosts a number of group tours throughout the year of the treatment plants in Wellington. If you are interested in having a group tour, please email

Wellington water treatment plants

There are four treatment plants in Wellington (Te Marua, Wainuiomata, Waterloo, and Gear Island), they are owned by Greater Wellington Regional Council.
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South Wairarapa water treatment plants

Once the water has been collected at the intakes, it is treated and distributed to the residents of South Wairarapa. All drinking water supplied to South Wairarapa is now treated using UV and Chlorine, and some treatment plants also include pH correction and Ozone treatment.   Read more

What's in your water?

Safe and reliable drinking water is vital to the health and prosperity of our region and its people. We are responsible for making sure that the water supplied to Lower Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt, Wellington and South Wairarapa is clean and safe to drink.   Read more