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Many of us didn't learn how to manage our finances in school, but learning a few tips can help us to secure our financial wellbeing now and into the future

  • Money Talks- free financial helpline. 0800 345 123

  • Sorted - a free service by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission a, government-funded, independent agency dedicated to help New Zealanders get ahead financially.
  • Community Services Card - depending on your income and family situation, you may be eligible for a community services card, which can help you with the costs of health care and public transport. 
  • Vaiola - a completely free and confidential budgeting service which is culturally appropriate to our Pasifika community in New Zealand.

  • Kiwisaver - find out how you can save for your retirement or a first home deposit, with contributions from your employer. 
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