What is wastewater?

Every day we deliver safe drinking water to your home through our drinking water network. Once you've used this water we then take it away, first through your homes plumbing and then through the public wastewater network.   Read more

How is wastewater removed from my home?

Wastewater leaves your home through a gully trap and lateral pipes on your property, before entering the publically owned wastewater ‘network’.   Read more

Looking after your wastewater

Here are some handy tips (for both inside and outside your home) to help you avoid damage to your wastewater network and avoid large $$$ plumbers bills.   Read more

Where does wastewater go?

Wastewater is transported along the wastewater network to a wastewater treatment plant where it’s treated, before being discharged to sea.   Read more

The Treatment Process

All treatment plants are slightly different, but the process is generally similar.   Read more

Independent review of wastewater treatment operations

Wellington Water has received the final report from the independent review to find ways we and our operator Veolia, could improve our wastewater operations in the metropolitan Wellington region.   Read more