Every day we undertake a number of tasks that can impact on our stormwater system, and our wastewater network.
All we need to do is make a few small changes and our infrastructure, waterways and the environment will be better off.

It is illegal for anything other than rainwater to go into stormwater drains.


wdig car

The water runoff from washing your car contains heavy metals and detergents. This runoff, when washed on concrete or on the side of the road, can enter our stormwater network and flows untreated into our local waterways and ocean.


Wash your car on the grass as it allows the dirty and soapy water to be absorbed into the ground, filtering the water and preventing it from washing into a stormwater drain.

Or use a commercial car wash facility; many car washes treat the runoff as wastewater on site, or connects to the wastewater system.


wdig dog 

Not cleaning up after your dog can cause bacteria to enter our water ways.

Pet waste left on grassy areas, footpaths, and berms can be flushed into our stormwater network when it rains. The toxic mix of bacteria like E.coli from dog waste and water then flows untreated into our local waterways and ocean.

Collect dog poo and dispose of it in the rubbish. 


 wdig paint

Paints (oil and water based) and thinners are toxic to aquatic life, and cause discoloration of streams. Be careful to clean up after any spills and avoid allowing any chemicals to reach the storm drains. 

When you clean or dispose of hazardous substances, make sure that you read the instructions on the container's label.

Each council has its own hazardous substances page on their website which has information on the disposal and cleaning of hazardous substances:

Hutt City Council
Porirua City Council
Upper Hutt City Council
Wellington City Council  






























If you want to know what the water quality is at your local swimming spot, check out Greater Wellington Regional Council's 'Is it safe to swim?' map

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