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The urban stormwater system includes a network of kerbs, channels and underground pipes that drain the rain off our land, roads and footpaths, and from our gutters. All of this water flows into our streams, rivers and eventually out to sea. On the way, this rainwater picks up contamination such as bacteria and heavy metals from the roofs, roads and other surfaces it runs over.

Unlike wastewater, which gets treated at a treatment plant, most stormwater does not get treated. This means everything that goes into the stormwater system will eventually end up in our rivers and ocean.

We all share a responsibility for keeping our stormwater system clean. 

We’re working with developers to better manage stormwater in new developments. Find out more about stormwater neutrality and water sensitive design

At home and at work, we can all take steps to make sure rainwater is the only thing that goes down our stormwater drains. 


Learn more about how your choices impact our waterways.

Below is a map of the stormwater system in the region – zoom in to find out where the drains under your street go.

Looking after your stormwater

Every day we undertake a number of tasks that can impact on our stormwater system. All we need to do is make a few small changes and our waterways and the environment will be better off.   Read more

Stormwater in the Wellington region

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Working towards resilience – rainfall flood risks in Porirua

The extreme weather in Porirua over the last few years is a reminder of the flooding risks that we live with in our island nation.To help understand these risks and plan for the future, we’ve completed computer models of the likely impact of extreme rainfall on much of the urban areas of Porirua.Flood modelling helps us identify areas that are likely to be affected by extreme rainfall events.   Read more