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Subcontractor Requirements for Working on the Network

The following information describes the minimum requirements for subcontractors to be engaged to fix leaks on the public network.


Before getting any contract preparation underway, pre-qualification will need to be completed. Besides information relating to the state of the business, assurance is required that the subcontractor will have the skills and capabilities to undertake the proposed scope of work. The scope of work to be undertaken by the subcontractor should be agreed on before contracting.

To prequalify as a subcontractor the company should provide:

• Evidence of current insurances
• H&S Policy
• Copy of a completed RCP to ensure application of the H&S Policy
• Training Matrix
• Worksafe/Regulator History
• Drug and Alcohol Policy
• ISO/Prequal Certificates.
• Complete induction Subbie Induction Video & Form Link
• A copy of the prequalification form is included in Appendix 1.

Qualified People

• Taumata Arowai Rule G10 states that staff working on the network must be suitably trained or experienced personnel.
• WWL Minor Capital and Maintenance Works Contract Section 8.2 states:
- Contractor Qualifications
- All Contractor service staff are to be appropriately qualified, or working towards a water industry qualification, to work on the Wellington Water network.
• The majority of WWL frontline staff hold the NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Pipeline Construction and Maintenance) Level 3 qualification or higher. Where our trainee service people do not yet have this qualification, they are paired with experienced staff with the appropriate qualifications.

Taumata Arowai Rules

The water regulator, Taumata Arowai, has a number of rules relevant to the repair of pipes in the public network to which we must comply and provide assurance that the water we supply is safe and meets the drinking water standards. 

Other Requirements

• Subcontractors should be trained to a minimum level in Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) or have TTM services by qualified providers.
• Access to the WWL works management system (Maximo) where required for recording job details.
• Access to the Wellington Water Knowledge Base to access relevant SOPs and supporting documents. 
A link to the Knowledge Base is found here - The Knowledge Base (SOPs & other supporting documents).