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Published 8/11/2021

Keep the water flowing and the good times going

Summer is almost upon us (believe it or not!), and while we’re all keen to hit the beach, the slip-and-slide or cool ourselves off with a good old-fashioned water fight, there’s one precious resource we need to keep in mind.

Our water comes from local rivers and catchments so we can only take a certain amount each day to make sure there aren’t negative impacts on the environment.

Every summer there is a real risk that we won’t be able to meet demand, and most summers we increase watering restrictions

Demand for water in the Wellington region is at an all-time high, and summer delivers a double whammy to our water reserves.

Save water this summer - shower for as long as a four minute song!

“We use more water on days when it doesn’t rain, and we use the most water in summer when river flows are at their lowest,” says Wellington Water’s Chief Advisor Potable Water Laurence Edwards.

We need to use less water now so we can have more water available in our rivers and catchments for when there is less rain, and it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

“It’s as simple as taking shorter showers - no longer than 4-minutes,” says Edwards.

“The difference between taking a 4-minute shower compared to an 8-minute shower can save around 17500L over a year per person, for just a single shower each day. 

“So, if we are all considerate of our water use, we can make a significant difference.  A good way to remember this is to shower for as long as a song.  It’ll reduce your hot water bill, too.”

Here’s a few more tips and tricks to help you do your bit.

  • Repairing leaks in your property. A single leaking toilet can increase your water consumption by more than 60%. This is enough to fill an average pool three times over in a year.

  • Be smart with your sprinklers by positioning them to hit their target and avoid overspray, tightening the hose fittings to stop it from leaking, and using timers to avoid leaving them on too long.

  • Sweep/brush outdoor surfaces instead hosing them down.

  • More tips to save water can be found on the Wellington Water website –

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