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Published 10/03/2017

Where’s the water going?

Not all the water that’s treated and sent on its way to Wellington’s central business district (CBD) arrives where it should. To help find out where water is being lost from Wellington City Council’s water supply network, Wellington Water is installing 11 bulk water flow meters.

Keith Woolley, Wellington Water Chief Advisor Potable Water, says “We know that there is drinking water loss in the CBD but it’s really hard to quantify and to locate. Leak detection is tricky at the best of times but in the CBD where you have thick layers of concrete and constraints around working hours it’s even more so.

“We need to locate the losses, how much we’re losing and then set about fixing any leaks. To help with that, we’re planning to install 11 bulk water flow meters on council pipes in the CBD over the next couple of years. These will help give us the information we need to reduce losses further.”

The flow meters will also help identify problems such as low flow or valves that are closed or partially closed, and provide information to help with network planning for future growth.

Mr Woolley says the first flow meter will be installed at 178-182 Wakefield Street this month with meters also planned for Market Lane, Arthur Street and Abel Smith Street prior to the end of June.

Work includes digging up the road to install a rectangular concrete chamber and associated pipes below ground as well as the installation of a small electrical cabinet in the footpath.

This work is being carried out by Wellington Water on behalf of Wellington City Council.

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