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Published 8/11/2020

Water main burst - Severn Street Island Bay

Update 8.16pm

Water is available for residents impacted by this outage to collect outside 53 Severn Street.

Update 7.31pm

The number of properties in Severn Street affected by the water outage has been reduced from 250 properties to 70 (between 15-77 Severn Street). However, those left without water to their homes will have another significant wait until service can be restored – the estimated time of repair is at least 8 hours.

Two nights in a row without water is unacceptable and very disruptive. We’re sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and understand that it’s just not on.

Replacing the aged water pipe is currently scheduled to begin in March 2020; we’re looking into what can be done to speed the process up.

Severn Street burst water main 6.54pm

We are experiencing another outage in Severn Street this evening we are investigating this right now.

At the moment it would appear that approximately 250 properties are being affected. Water tankers are on their way to provide water to residents.

We will update you in an hours’ time with further details regarding the estimated time of repair.

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