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Published 18/08/2020

Wastewater overflow at Martinborough wastewater treatment plant

Between 3:15 and 8:30am this morning, a valve operation failure at the Martinborough Wastewater Treatment Plant resulted in the possible overflow of partially treated wastewater from one of the storage ponds. The inlet valve was subsequently closed by plant operators.

During this time irrigation to land was in operation as normal, pumping wastewater from the pond, however the incoming flow rate was higher, meaning once full, the pond may have overflowed. We have undertaken visual inspections, and have found no physical evidence of overflow to the Ruamahanga River, however we are reporting the incident as a precaution.

In line with incident response plans, Wellington Water has initiated an investigation into the causes of the valve system failure at the plant. We have advised Regional Public Health and are working with South Wairarapa District Council to provide public updates where possible. We are also in contact with Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Wastewater Treatment Plant Community Liaison Group and local iwi regarding the incident.

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