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Published 23/02/2019

Titahi Bay residents asked to save water after burst cuts supply

Residents in Titahi Bay, Porirua, are being asked to limit their water use after the pipe that supplies water to the suburb’s main reservoir burst this morning (Saturday, 23 February).

The burst temporarily cut supply to buildings in the Harvey Norman shopping centre area of Porirua’s CBD. Wellington Water crews and contractors are working to re-connect these affected properties via a separate, smaller pipe, and to repair the larger main.

Wellington Water said there was about 3 hours supply (at 12.30pm) remaining in the Titahi Bay reservoir, while repairs are estimated to take up to 6 hours. An alternative supply into the area is being investigated, but that is also limited. 

If residents limit their use, it will help ensure there is water for essential needs such as drinking, washing hands, and cooking.

Ways to limit use include not flushing the toilet unless necessary, stopping any outside water use, garden watering, house washing etc, and delaying any use of washing machines or dishwashers.

For updates, please contact the council’s after hours service on 04 237 5089.


UPDATE: Titahi Bay water supply restored 5pm, 23 February 2019

Wellington Water staff and contractors have restored water supply to Titahi Bay, after a burst pipe this morning cut all supplies to the Porirua suburb.

The 150mm pipe burst in a shopping centre carpark in Porirua’s main shopping district this morning. It took about six hours to repair.

It was touch and go for a while, with the Titahi Bay reservoir dropping rapidly from a normal operating level of 85%-95% to around 15% of capacity by 3pm. 

Wellington Water’s acting general manager of customer operations, Jeremy McKibbin, said he was grateful that supply could be restored in time.

 “We were about to deploy emergency distribution points in Titahi Bay when we managed to change water pressures and re-route water in the network to the reservoir, then get the pipe repair done and slowly refill the supply pipe. 

 “This is a good reminder of the need for people to store adequate supplies at home in case of emergency. An emergency can happen at any time – and it may not be a major earthquake. I hope it doesn’t take people losing water to their homes to prompt them to store enough safe drinking water at home.”

Wellington Water recommends people store enough water to provide each person in their household with 20 litres a day for 7 days, in case of an interruption to supply.

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