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Published 5/02/2017

Test results - Lower Hutt water quality

Test results on Lower Hutt’s water supply have come back all clear.

Follow-up tests taken after a positive result from a water sample taken on Friday, show no e-coli in the water.

At this stage the testing laboratory is unable to confirm what caused the initial positive result at the inlet point of Naenae Reservoir on Friday 3 February. Wellington Water will continue investigating possible sources of contamination.

Chlorination of the water supply to all of Lower Hutt will continue until we have completed a full review of test results. This is to ensure we are taking the safest course of action, while minimising any impact on customers. We’ll provide further updates on the review process tomorrow.

Regional Public Health are satisfied with the measures put in place to ensure the water is safe and there is no need to boil it before drinking.

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