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Published 12/03/2020

Power outage - impacting Wellington Region

Update 5.15pm

Thanks again to the residents of Featherston and Greytown for their patience. The reservoir has recovered enough to allow for normal consumption in both towns.

Remember that garden watering restrictions still apply in Featherston and Greytown. For more information on restrictions, visit

Update 1.20pm

During this morning’s power cut we were able still to deliver drinking water across the Wellington region and South Wairarapa. Reservoirs were able to manage the demand, and storage is recovering in reservoirs now that treatment plants are operational.

For Featherston and Greytown residents, as the reservoir that supplies your area is taking longer to recover, we would appreciate it if you could reduce your water consumption where you can. We’ll share another update when you can use water normally again. Thank you for your patience.


Update 11.45am

Thanks again for your patience as we worked through this power outage. We can confirm everything is up and running as it should be, and all residents in the Wellington region and South Wairarapa can continue with their regular water use.
Crews will continue to investigate the network throughout the day.

Update 10.30am

Power has been restored to the region, and the majority of the pumping stations and all treatment plants are back online. We are investigating the wider network to ensure everything is operating as normal.

We continue to ask the wider Wellington region to be mindful of their water consumption, and ask South Wairarapa residents to continue to reduce their water consumption and avoid flushing their toilets. Reducing demand allows the assets to operate without added pressure when they come back online.

All of the critical assets including pumping stations and treatment plants have generators in operation as part of our resilience plan. We also have mobile generators available for other pumping stations.


Update 9.02am

The power outage is affecting our drinking water and wastewater pump stations and treatment plants across the region.

Note the water being supplied is still safe to drink.

We are asking people to reduce their water use and to avoid flushing the toilet until the power is returned.

Please maintain basic hygiene practices.

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