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Published 5/05/2021

Media advisory: Work this week on Jervois Quay stormwater pipe

Wellington Water has continued to work this week on the damaged Jervois Quay Stormwater pipe.

There will be traffic management in place outside of peak hours throughout the week to allow for the installation of two new small stormwater pipes across the road and put in place temporary service access to maintain access to the waterfront.

The new service access to the TSB arena and waterfront businesses will connect from Jervois Quay to the strengthened and widened pedestrian walkway located in Frank Kitts Park. It will meet the existing driveway at the corner of the TSB Bank Arena.

Wellington Water’s solution will not only replace the damaged pipe, but also address the some of the historic flooding issues within the CBD network.

This will be a significant project and there will be some disruption. We are working to minimise the impact on motorists, cyclists and pedestrians using Jervois Quay but there will need to be further lane closures of Jervois Quay in the future.

We are working closely with Wellington City Council and Waka Kotahi to plan the next steps and apologise for any inconvenience this work causes.

Wellington Water will keep the public and community updated as the project progresses.

Work this week includes:

  •  Installing two new temporary 150mm pipes alongside the damaged pipe to carry stormwater from the CBD.
  • Placing a temporary pump station in the CBD to manage water flows and help prevent any flooding in the area in the event of wet weather.
  • Creating a new, temporary road on Frank Kitts Park to maintain access to the waterfront.
  • Installing a new section of 1200mm pipe in the TSB access lane, completed during normal work hours.

Further updates to come.

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