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Published 29/07/2020

Lake Ferry wastewater treatment plant – discharge pipeline break

Third-party work undertaken near the Lake Ferry Wastewater Treatment Plant has damaged the discharge pipework that takes wastewater from the plant to the irrigation fields. This has resulted in discharge of partially treated wastewater into the nearby wetlands. The discharge was stopped at approximately 1pm. 

The wetlands flow toward Lake Onoke where it meets the coast, so we will be placing warning signs at the beach and ask people to avoid contact with the water and/or fishing in the area.

Our priority is to make repairs to maintain regular operation. To do this, we need to reduce the demand on the treatment plant.  We ask residents in Lake Ferry to restrict their water consumption to reduce demand in the wastewater system. This means avoiding or reducing showers and doing laundry, as well as avoiding flushing toilets where possible.

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