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Published 20/08/2021

Keeping the water running in lockdown

While many of us wait out Alert Level 4 from our makeshift offices, juggling work and family, a committed team of essential workers are ensuring our most important lifeline continues to flow from source to tap.

William, Yvette, Fenn (the dog) Emily and Laura


Wellington Water’s Project Facilitator and Operations Team Member William Stewart has been reviewing the latest water treatment plant lockdown protocol so he can ‘stand up’ if required.

“The operations team monitor and verify instruments, and make sure systems and processes are all functioning correctly, he said.

“Some of this can be done remotely, but there are some core tasks which are done onsite such as instrument calibrations and topping up chemicals.”

The operations team are rotating shifts from home to the Water Treatment Plant and have an on-call roster for emergencies.

William is aware of the risk of working during Alert Level 4, despite all the appropriate safety precautions being taken, and is hoping for a swift and safe outcome.

“We limit contact, wear the appropriate PPE and maintain social distancing where we can, but there’s always a risk when we’re sharing space with others outside of our bubble. I have two kids, a wife and a dog at home and their safety is of the utmost importance to me. 

“In the lockdown last year, I knocked a hole through a wall to my workshop. So, I’m sure everyone, including the house, will be pleased to see this end.”

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