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Published 3/08/2017

Emergency wastewater pipe repair, The Esplanade at Owhiro Bay

Last week, a fitting on the main wastewater pipe serving Brooklyn and Island Bay suburbs developed a leak in a chamber at Owhiro Bay. Since then we have been exploring any possible options to fix this pipe with minimal impact on the environment.

We realise now that we’ll need to divert approximately 1000m3 of wastewater through an overflow pipe into the sea so that we can get in to repair the damaged pipe. Tonight from midnight, we will be using sump trucks to remove as much of the wastewater as possible, however the total volume is greater than our ability to store or divert all of it.

Health warning signs are in place, and water quality will be monitored both before and after the repair is made until the water samples return with normal levels. A rahui will also be placed over the affected coastal area. This forbids mana whenua entering the water until it is lifted.

We apologise for any disturbance in the area overnight tonight as we perform this urgent repair. We need to complete the work as quickly as possible to ensure the health and safety of all. We will be updating our website as the situation develops.

Thank you for your patience.

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