Wastewater or sewage?

Wastewater or sewage?.   Read more

What's a lateral?

A lateral is the wastewater or stormwater pipe from an individual property to the council main. The lateral is a continuous pipe which may cross from private to public land (such as a road or recreation reserve), and may serve more than one property. .   Read more

My lateral is blocked or broken. Who pays to fix it?

It depends.Each city has their own bylaw or policy as to who is responsible for fixing a lateral.In general, if the issue is within your property boundary, you are responsible.If the issue is outside your property boundary it depends on which city you live in.See below for a summary of your city’s lateral bylaw or policy.   Read more

What's smoke testing?

Smoke testing equipment.   Read more

European Appliances - Hard or Soft Water?

If you have a European dishwasher and the instructions are telling you to add softener, read below.   Read more