Drinking water

Why is my water out?

Water supply interruptions are either planned or unplanned.   Read more

How long will my water be off for?

Across the Wellington region, there are around 30-40 instances per week when the water needs to shut off. Most water main bursts are fixed within a couple of hours. However, a range of factors can affect how long it takes:   Read more

What's a toby?

A toby is the water shut-off valve, generally located at the boundary of your property, that sits between the council water main and your private water pipe.   Read more

Why is my water brown?

It’s likely that work on the pipes in your area has dislodged some silt from inside of the pipes.   Read more

Why does my water taste or smell earthy?

We all enjoy fresh tasting water. However sometimes it may not taste right. Unpleasant tasting water can be caused by more than one thing and below are some tips to help identify what might be causing this problem.   Read more

No sprinklers allowed. What can I do?

A residential sprinkler and irrigation system ban can be introduced around the region as a result of increasing water consumption caused by a long spell of dry weather.   Read more

Why is river supply low after heavy rainfall?

Have you ever wondered why after heavy rainfall supply from rivers goes down?   Read more

Residential garden watering restrictions

Why are there residential garden watering restrictions?Residential garden watering restrictions relate to council bylaws that seek to reduce demand around the region over the summer months - as supply generally decreases and consumption (in particular outdoor watering) increases.   Read more